Last Modified : 2016.05.06 01:46:39

To Overseas Customers

Great news for our fans who live abroad.

We are very excited to announce that starting May 8,2016(Reitaisai 13), our CDs will be AVAILABLE for OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS. (BDC)

「FELT Best Album Bundle Set 」 Sale at a special price!
↓↓↓ ”Rebirth StoryⅢ” ”Rebirth StoryⅡ” ”Rebirth Story” ↓↓↓

We have consistently been asked to ship overseas, which was difficult for us due to the expensive shipping costs and language barriers. So, we decided to leave these business up to BDC.

BDC offers you Full English support, Hot New information, $5 shipping, no handling fee, official prices,and more.

For further information, please refer to BDC’s website as shown below.
If you have any questions, please contact their sales representative.

Hope this occasion interests you into physically grabbing our music in your hands.
We thank you for your continuous support, and we hope this will be to your satisfaction.


— For Customers Overseas —